ÒJohn likes plants, but he is a bit worried about them when he is away and nobody can water them.Mary isnÕt that interested in plants but she is a bit worried about theclimate effects of her energy consumption.John gets a new plant with a Natural Fuse because it can take care of itself when heÕs away.Mary gets a new plant with a Natural Fuse because it has a system that absorbs the carbon footprint of things that are plugged into it. Since Natural Fuses are all networked together, if she has excess capacity in her Natural Fuse then it can offset the energy use by other people elsewhere in the city.One day Mary is able to use her lamp for 3 times longer than usual because nobody else in the system is using theircapacity.One day JohnÕs plant is killed because someone in the system exceeded the energy limit.

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Natural Fuse manual

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Natural Fuse research Document

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Team member

Usman Haque / creative director
Nitipak 'Dot' Samsen / designer
Ai Hasegawa / designer
Cesar Harada / designer
Barbara Jasinowicz / producer




This project was made possible with support of The Architectural League of New York
as part of the Exhibition, "Situated Technologies: Toward the Sentient City",
due to open in New York, NY, September 2009.